ROKTFACE returned – helping raise cash

The UK’s highest outdoor man-made climbing wall right here is back!

The mighty ROKTFACE once more consented for daredevils from seven-years-old to more senior brave climbers to ascend it’s colossal face on Saturday July 29, raising money for our ROKT Foundation charity.

More than 30 people took on the challenge with almost half completing it as patrons from The Millers Bar next door cheered them on.

Climbing roped in to tackle menopause in ground-breaking course

A ground-breaking new project to use climbing to help women transition through the menopause has launched.

Our West Yorkshire-based charity ROKT Foundation will use the Olympic sport to help women tackle the effects of menopause alongside other key therapies.

Bouldering, rope climbing and caving are all on the agenda for the 16 women on the pioneering pilot course which runs for 10 weeks until April, dubbed ‘Moving Through Menopause’ and funded by a Sport England Jubilee Grant.

Here at ROKT Foundation we believe this is the first dedicated climbing course aimed at helping women through the menopause that features additional expert advice and classes – ranging from nutrition and wellbeing to working with a specialist menopause GP expert.

The key aims of the course are to improve women’s physical and emotional wellbeing, building muscle memory, targeting key physical areas like bums, tums and core, and mindfulness – alongside insights into hormonal imbalances and HRT treatments.

Katie Kinsella, ROKT’s Director for Community & Business Engagement, said: “We­­ believe this is the first time climbing has joined forces with clinical and holistic interventions and been shaped into a full course. This not only harnesses the power of the sport, but adds critical other elements to help women through areas of menopause widely accepted as key challenges.

“There’s some brilliant work going on nationally using climbing to support women and menopause, but we’ve gone that step further – and higher – by putting this 10 week package together.

“It’s about understanding the changes taking place and then what we can do to manage the transition and make it much easier. Building confidence and self-esteem is a critical part of this and helping provide ladies with the tools they need.

“A great example is addressing an issue like brain fog – we know it happens, but we don’t have to accept it. Climbing is a great leveller, so giving the group something to focus on – like climbing up a 21m lead wall – helps train focus on just one thing. This of course is complimented by tips on getting better sleep, nutrition and self-care, all of which will help reduce common symptoms like brain fog.

“Like this course, the menopause is a journey and you don’t suddenly go from pre-menopause to post, it can take years. That’s why the advice and guidance our partner experts can bring to the table will be so vital and adds to the unique nature of this programme.”

Experts in the fields of health and nutrition include GP Dr Ailsa Care, who has spent more than two decades guiding women through the menopause and is a strong advocate for functional medicine – and understanding environmental impacts on health and the root causes of problems.

Jana Shirley was originally a dancer before falling in love with the recovery techniques for lower back pain through pilates. Now Jana works to support others with chronic pain and discomfort – specialising in the discomfort menopause can have on the body and how improved movement and core strength can help combat this.

These experts are also well-versed in nutrition and will be supported by Chair of ROKT Foundation and Italian restauranteur and hotelier, Lidia Shinwell. Lidia will focus on the benefits of Mediterranean influences in people’s diets which can have a positive impact during menopause.

The first pilot course has now started, but there will be many more to come throughout 2023.  Ladies who live in Calderdale – and close surrounding areas – who are interested can get in touch on

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Images: Course participants (L to R) Lisa Jagger, Sarah Crossland and Lindsay Hawker

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