Our Mission

ROKT Foundation specialises in delivering high quality climbing, bouldering, caving, abseiling and creative experiences for those that would not normally have access. We offer indoor and outdoor adrenaline.

We promote inclusion, encourage independence and build self-confidence through the safe provision of adventurous activities in an urban environment. In turn supporting people to get healthy and fit, improving physical and mental health and wellbeing.

We do this through a variety of adventure-based taster sessions. We support groups and individuals to as much as they can. Whether this be climbing a bit higher up the climbing wall, trying their first abseil or venturing into the indoor caving system. We offer team activities but will also support through structured one to one instruction.




We want to provide the opportunity for all ages to engage in the activities that we offer.


We want to target harder to reach communities and provide people with the opportunity to get healthy and fit.


We want to inspire people to think differently about health and activity, offering fun and creative ways which improves physical and mental health and wellbeing.